Ancient Ones is about a man’s discovery of extraterrestrial civilizations who have been manipulating humanity.
As he travels the Milky Way, a seemingly chance encounter with the beings makes him realize that he's integral to a galactic world machine.
Now, he must face the dilemma of saving Earth or letting it perish along with many other planets.


Shows & Workshops (2017)

Wizard World Portland - February 17th - 19th

Fan Expo Dallas - March 31st - April 2nd

Indiana Comic Con - April 14th-16th

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live - April 21 - 23rd

Motor City Comic Con  - May 19th - 21st

Origins Game Fair - June 14th - 18th

Indiana Pop Con - July 7th - 9th

Gen Con - August 17th -20th

Dragon Con - September 1st - 4th

Illuxcon - October 18th - 22nd

RI Comic Con- November 10th - 12th

One Fantastic Workshop - November 16th -19th