Tol’ja || Knight of Sol (Jupiter)

Tol’ja is a member of the Wardens of Peace and being of the most ancient among them.  He’s also the leader of the Knights of Sol who are a subset of the Wardens.  Tol’ja is currently residing on his ship in the gravitational well of Jupiter, watching and defending Earth from enemy incursion.   He along with the other Knights of Sol have pledged to protect an ancient artifact on Earth, along with its keeper, Sam Peters.  Tol’ja knows what’s coming for Earth the only question is, can he stop it?

Limited Edition Print - 18 x 24. Only 100 will ever be printed


Only 100 ever produced.

Image Size: 18" wide x 24″ tall
Paper Size: 18" wide x 24" tall
Printed on Vellum 300gsm A # 1 grade coated paper utilizing UV curable inks
Signed and numbered by the Artist Allen Panakal.
Price: $65
Only 93 Remain.