Selestia - Knight of Sol (Neptune)
One of two twin sisters from a water world home to mermaidian creatures.  Selestia is a trusted friend and soulmate to Tol’ja and she’s sworn to follow him to the ends of the galaxy defending all against their enemies.  In the company of the Knights of Sol and members of the Wardens of Peace, she and her sister have seen countless battles.  There was one battle in particular that happened on the planet Earth when the elusive Brahmatica, traitor to the Wardens, attempted to steal the artifact on Earth when he stumbled upon the planet by pure accident.  Selestia and her sister, Numetia fought Brahmatica near the Himalayan mountains.  The battle raged across all of what was known as ancient India and tens of thousands witnessed the epic battle in the Earth year of 900 B.C.E. (before current era).

Knight of Neptune. (Limited Edition Print)


Only 100 ever produced.

  • Image Size: 18" wide x 24″ tall
  • Paper Size: 18" wide x 24" tall
  • Printed on Vellum 300gsm A # 1 grade coated paper utilizing UV curable inks
  • Signed and numbered by the Artist Allen Panakal.
  • Price: $65

Only 100 Remain.

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