Baeldrun - Commander Supreme of the 5th Legion

Sworn enemy of the Wardens of Peace, no other being in the Milky Way Galaxy has killed more of them than Baeldrun and his countless legion.  His ultimate goal is to combine the World Machine, an ancient artifact created by The Ancient Ones.  No one knows what this artifact does but it’s rumored the power of this device, once combined, can open a rift in space-time and transport an entire system to another galaxy or perhaps even obliterate one.  Can both be done?  Baeldrun will destroy all in his path to find out...
"The path of the righteous is just and true, all sentient beings on all worlds should follow our example.  Anyone that says otherwise should be put to The Test."  -  Baeldrun of the 5th Legion.

Knight of Pluto. (Limited Edition Print)


Only 100 ever produced.

  • Image Size: 18" wide x 24″ tall
  • Paper Size: 18" wide x 24" tall
  • Printed on Vellum 300gsm A # 1 grade coated paper utilizing UV curable inks
  • Signed and numbered by the Artist Allen Panakal.
  • Price: $65

Only 100 Remain.

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