Beginning / Origins:

Over two million years ago in a solar system closer to the core of our galaxy a race was born.  It was a race much like ours in many ways, they had male and females, two arms, two legs, two eyes.  Complexions varied as well as skin tone, height and weight.  Gravitational mass was slightly heavier than Earth’s and the days were longer.  They named their home world, Faite’ (Fayt-eya).

After about 150,000 years of breeding, countless battles among the clans, selective adaptation to the planets habitat as well as exploration of it’s surface the race now known as The Guardians emerged.  Of course, they never called themselves this name.  Whatever name they went by is not written in the Codex or known by any member of The Guardians.  Early on in their growth they chose knowledge and the tangibility of things.  The discovery of new things, at first the simplicity of counting and writing then expanding into math and the deep realm of science.  Of course there were clans that elected walk the path of the celestial and attempted to create mysteries that could not be seen, felt or heard.  Belief was their foundation and it gave those who feared death and the darkness a sense of hope.  A feeling that death isn’t the end of life, there’s more even if you can’t prove it.  

It is written in the 2nd Codex that great battles ensued by those of the ‘faithful’ and the ‘heretics of science’ as they were known back then.  Millions upon millions died and for such a young race this was a huge portion of the population.  Eventually, in the end, the warrior elites of science prevailed with their machinery and weapons of horrendous devastation.  The Teachers learned a valuable lesson early on and it’s a shame most other seedling and non-seedlings alike did not learn these priceless facts.  What they learned was that at almost any cost, war should be avoided.  They delved into the causes of the War of Eradication and what they learned they put into the first beginnings of what we now call, The Codex.  They themselves called them the Tomes of Knowledge and Peace.

Monetary systems never grew into fruition on Faite’.  With how the clans all communicated and the fact that knowledge was given freely and spread so quickly that instead of barter and trade they built communities that had no material need.  They formed work groups and everyone of the clan pitched in at all levels.  This nurtured friendship, trust and bonding.  Indeed there were the opposites of greed, envy and hatred but those were quickly identified and taught to everyone in the community that although those feelings are perfectly normal they only brought misery and pain.  If The Guardians ever did have a religion then it was self-discipline.  Mind and body were the foundations upon which knowledge and physical awareness are born, once masteries of knowledge and the physical had been discovered then The Way was open.  

The Way is nothing magical or mystical, it is merely the natural progression of a species that has achieved everything that is possible on the planet which they are born from.  Land and aquatic based farming and living, energy that is neither harmful or wasteful, biological engineering of the body so that all forms of malicious diseases can no longer affect the immune system.  The natural life-span grows tremendously which leads to further breakthroughs.  Living with the system that born them and leaving behind the thought process of take until you can take no more.  The Way is just another step, a door that opens and allows you to travel among the stars.  Even at a young age the people of Faite’ knew that full understanding of their own solar system was needed before great undertakings of exploration could be performed.  They understood the laws and principles which govern space and time but they also were very aware there was so much they didn’t know and it was this that drove them to learn and experience new discoveries and always bring this knowledge back to their community.  By the time The Way was open the community was a single clan the spanned the entire globe.  Wars could not possibly happen when everyone belongs to the same community.  

Racial and cultural biases were unlearned by the community as a whole.  There was no such thing as homelessness, poor or rich.  If there was something that was made that you wanted, you simply ordered it and it showed up.  Supply and demand existed but because the whole planet was apart of a single community everything was always available to all because the logistics and management of all needs were connected by the global network.  Even when the clans were separated by the lack of technology and items had to travel long distances the exchange of items was never in question.  The idea of living equally was so overwhelmingly attractive that the extreme few who felt otherwise were of no consequence.  They were shown by example that their greed would only help a select few instead of everyone.  It also showed them that they would never need anything or want anything.  They too could simply ask for an item that was available and they’d readily have it.  Those that were too stubborn were invited to go their own way and live apart from the clan in peace.  It was understood by all that since all resources were available to all people it made sense for everyone to be apart of a global network where everyone shared equally.

To explore space was at one point called the Great Undertaking.  With the mastery of gravitational systems they were able to easily put out to space but traveling faster than the speed of light was the primary issue and one that was worked on for a thousand years.  During that time The Guardians explored the nearby planets which they encountered their first sentient species outside their own planet.  

****  Tol’ja Lovis/  Knight of Jupiter  ****

How the Knights of Sol were created:

Faite(name might change) was threatened. [Osiris] saw what was happening and knew the evil would only spread through the cosmos. Factions attacked [what sector are they in] relentlessly. The Knight were created out of necessity. The original nine were axiomatic. Each Knight was assigned a specific set of instructions with orders to never deviate from what would become their eternal slumber.