Samuel Peters - The Traveler - Keybinder of the World Machine


Human in appearance in every way.  His species are the direct ascendants to the human race.  Sam has no idea what happened to his own race, he lost all memories related to his past but knows detailed knowledge of the artifact on Earth and what it’s true purpose is.  He also knows that if the key falls into the wrong hands it could mean the end of all life in the Milky Way.  He has a desperate thirst to find out what happened to his people and though he feels at home on Earth, he knows deep down, it’s not.  His search for his people takes him to the far reaches of the galaxy where he encounters the last remains of a race called, The Ancient Ones…

The Traveler: Samuel Peters . (Limited Edition Print)


Only 100 ever produced.

  • Image Size: 18" wide x 24″ tall
  • Paper Size: 18" wide x 24" tall
  • Printed on Vellum 300gsm A # 1 grade coated paper utilizing UV curable inks
  • Signed and numbered by the Artist Allen Panakal.
  • Price: $65

Only 100 Remain.

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